A taste of sunshine…

What’s new from the Clements Premier Produce Team

An update for you of new products available from the wholesale markets ready for delivery now…

The first of this year’s Local New Potatoes are ready now. We all know that shoppers start asking for them as soon as they see the first hint of warm weather so don’t disappoint them & make sure you’ve got plenty of stock available – they can’t get these in the supermarkets!

New season Fresh Peas are now available – a real taste of sunshine. Believe it or not this classic vegetable is actually a fruit! Perfect alongside a roast dinner, adding value to fish & chips or bringing colour to a risotto – peas are certainly a super popular ingredient.



Another new spring ingredient… Graffiti Aubergines. These plump, violet aubergines with white ‘graffiti’ stripes look like something out of a still life painting. Inside, the aubergine is much like your average deep-purple one, with a slightly brighter white inside. Because graffiti aubergines are so stunning, be sure to make the most of the skin when cooking.

Graffiti aubergine

Rainbow Chantenay Carrots – delicious roasted, yummy raw & the added bonus is that kids love them – great for parents with kids at home all day needing snacks!

Rainbow carrots

New season Bunched Beetroot & Carrots make a great display, shoppers are always drawn to them over loose products & they can command a higher price point.



There are some great looking salad products coming on to the market now too – Bunched Radish which have fantastic colour & British Grown Crispy Lettuce to name two.



We always love to champion local produce where it’s available, but we know that the first of season’s local new potatoes are very £££ – which can be off putting for some shoppers. Why not try Mallorcan New Potatoes too, alongside the local ones, to give shoppers the choice?

Potato sacks

New potatoes
The first of the Mallorcan new potatoes – delicious!

We’ve already shouted it from the rooftops but don’t forget about Local Asparagus too!


A little reminder too that fruit juice, yoghurts & other dairy products can all be ordered alongside your fresh produce from Clements Wholesale Fruit & Veg – one simple order & delivery to make your day easier.

Orange juice

See you later in the month for more seasonal highlights. Do get in touch with any questions or requests, we always love to hear from our customers.

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