All about the Veg…

Produce highlights from the Clements Wholesale Fruit & Veg team

We’re all about the Veg here at Clements Wholesale (well it is our bread & butter after all) & of course being based in Lincolnshire, the veg growing capital of England, means that we can source the freshest, highest quality produce possible. March is the month when the wholesale veg market moves up a gear, new produce becomes available & everyone gets excited about what’s to come. Technically it’s spring already – but I don’t think you can quite put away your jumpers yet.

Boxes of veg

Colour from continental specialities such as these fabulously glossy aubergines & gorgeous round courgettes is brightening up the warehouse. Of course with the current demand for restaurants & cafes to feature a greater variety of vegetarian & vegan dishes we are seeing an increase in orders for these types of produce.


Round courgettes

English leeks are at their best right now. With a delicious, delicate & sweet flavour they are super versatile. Good quality leeks should have a firm, unblemished white part & leaves that are bright green. Our buying team at Clements Wholesale Fruit & Veg always closely check the quality of the fruit & veg we source, we want to make sure that you can offer your customers the best & freshest produce possible.


Other British grown options available at this time of year include roots (such as carrots & parsnips) & all the brassicas. Cauliflowers are always a good call, although in some respects the most unsexy of vegetables the humble cauliflower has bounced back, cleverly reinventing itself as an ingredient that is bang on trend. Banish all thoughts of childhood nightmares of grey overcooked mush, when cooked well cauliflower has a unique texture & is brilliant at soaking up flavours.


Not wanting to leave fruit out there are still some fabulous citrus about at the moment, late season clementines & Spanish lemons to name just a couple. Another fruit worth considering this month are fresh figs, totally different from their dried brothers these make very attractive starters (with Parma ham for example) & delicious desserts – try them drizzled with honey & thyme, then roasted & served with a dollop of mascarpone… irresistible!


See you later in the month for more seasonal highlights. Do get in touch with any questions or requests, we always love to hear from our customers.

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